89 days and counting

After visiting DC this past week for the Folklore Festival celebrating the Peace Corps 50th anniversary, I am beginning to feel a little nervous. Excited, but definitely getting anxious at the same time. I was able to talk with a man from Mali, which is western Africa, but regardless of where he was from, I had some difficulty understanding him – and he was speaking ENGLISH! It was heavily accented, but still…. I can’t help but think “oh geeze, I can’t understand the English, no way will I be able to understand even basic Swahili!” but that’s what training is for, and I will get 3 solid months of training once I get to Loitokitok.
As far as prep goes, I actually put in my 2 week notice at Pressley recently, and within a week I retracted my notice and decided to stay until August 20th, which was my original plan anyways. It can be a pretty stressful job, but I really do like it and am glad I was able to work at Pressley. I know it’s been a hugely beneficial experience or me, I have a lot more patience than I ever could have imagined… And thanks to my job at Pressley, I’m much more capable of handling sudden, unexpected situations, which will definitely be helpful to me while im on my own in Africa. Plus, I’ve learned a lot about teaching and building relationships with people from all walks of life, especially with kids. Even though there are a lot of struggles and stress, it’s been an all around positive experience, and I’m genuinely thankful that I was able to work there.
I can officially check off a few things on my to-do list I made for my last few months in the states. I have made it to DC, will be going to a concert (Warped Tour) at Virginia Beach on the 27th and possibly seeing Incubus in Columbus in September, had a cookout on July 4th, and even went to Rails and Trails at North Bend (even though it was part of my job at work). Definitely progress! 🙂

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