Packing begins!

Earlier this week, I got my backpack and my sleeping bag thanks to a friend through work (thanks Rick!) He had a backpack EXACTLY like what I had in mind, which he had used only one time – AND he had an extra mummy sleeping bag! PERFECT! I’ve began packing now, with just a few essentials… like my sheets, a light blanket, and towels. I only get 2 pieces of luggage totaling 80 lbs, and I have decided to use this backpack and a duffel bag, as well as a carry on. I know it will fill up quickly, but once I arrive in Kenya I’m responsible for transporting my luggage and everything to my site, which seems to be a daunting task. I think we are taking an old van or something, based on what I’ve read from other blogs. So, anyways, this will make things a little easier (hopefully).

Remember my to do list so long ago? Well, other than the 5k, everything has been accomplished! I have had 2 concerts recently, and saw Incubus last week (AMAZING!) and Warped Tour before that, which was also awesome. I haven’t been to the Purple Fiddle yet, but I’m still planning on it. And hopefully I will go spend a little time in Morgantown with my sister before I go, too. My sister had a lovely wedding shower last week. I can’t wait for her wedding! It is actually the weekend before I leave, October 2, which is also my mother’s 50th birthday! Bet she loves me posting that on here. But I’m so glad I will be here for those events.

Also, my Aunt asked if she would be able to send things to me to give the the kids in my community. YES! This would be awesome, for all of you who are interested! A few other volunteers in Kenya have mentioned how appreciative the kids are when they receive gifts, and even simple things would be perfect. I know that a few volunteers have passed out some goofy/fun sunglasses, face masks, silly bandz, etc. School things would probably be appreciated, too, like markers and crayons, coloring books, pens… It’s a great idea and I know it would be SO appreciated.

Only 38 more days! keep me in your thoughts – I’m very excited, but getting more nervous as it gets closer!

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