Kenya believe it!

here i am! in kenya! i’m staying right outside of Nairobi, and in this nice building they use for the government and stuff, like on a compound.. kind of like an oasis, really. the trip here took forever, the plane ride was SO long! but we all made it, no problems at all. at this place, we have our own rooms with our own private bathroom and a hot shower! we were so excited! and i slept like a baby last night, after being in transit over 24 hours.

i have a different address! PLEASE write it down & throw the other one away!

PO box 698-00621,
Village Market, Nairobi

everyone here is awesome! there are 28 of us, and it’s about half and half, science ed and deaf ed. I haven’t updated in a while, but the deaf ed group isn’t going to Loitokitok, they will be going to Machakos, which is a much bigger city outside of Nairobi. I’m pretty excited about it! we will be going to Machakos on Saturday, then we meet our host families on Sunday and go home with them. Pretty exciting, and i’m a little nervous at the same time. today i had 4 shots, one of which being the rabies shot… my arms are both sore! but i’m glad to get started. we are also taking doxycycline as a preventitive med for malaria.

the driving in nairobi is INSANE! omg, for those of you who know me, you know how horrible i am about freaking out in the city…. well, this is nuts. thank god i wasn’t sitting up front where i could REALLY see what’s going on!

Also, we were driving through Nairobi, which is huge, and it’s like 3-4 lanes of traffic in each direction.. and there are goats and sheep in the median, just meandering. it was so odd! they just acted like they didn’t even notice the bumper to bumper traffic.. and the constant honking. they honk just to let you know they are passing as well as to let you know they are ticked off. and most vehicles seem to be diesel, so the fumes are thick.

the food here has been amazing so far, i’m afraid that they are setting me up for major disappointment once i arrive at site. we have mostly vegetables, but meat is always available. we have cabbage a lot, and beans/lentils. we have hot milk with breakfast, too, and instant coffee, which is only good with about twice as much sugar as coffee.

anyways, busy schedule, lots going on, and SUPER slow internet.. but i will post again as soon as i can. it’s so heartwarming to hear from all of you, emails and facebook… thank you all so much!


4 thoughts on “Kenya believe it!

  1. Sounds so exciting!!! I am looking forward to your reports from Africa!!! Have a great time and enjoy!! Let us know when we can start sending our care packages. Becky’s boys are so excited about helping the children there. We are making this our family project!! Love ya babe!! Can’t wait until the next report! Brenda

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