Ok, so I’m half way through training. I will be going to Nina School for the Deaf on Dec 14. I have a few things here that would come in handy for anyone interested, and I have made a wish list at Amazon.com, so you can search for me and find things that I’ve registered for, in case you were feeling generous. I chose Amazon because a few volunteers here have said that Amazon will actually ship to site here, which may be easier and less expensive for you all to get stuff to me. I can get pretty much everything I need in Kisumu, but now that it is getting closer to time for me to spread my wings here in Kenya, I have thought of a few things that would be nice to have. Also, anything craft or classroom related would be great. Deaf children rely on visual aids to learn, so things that I could use to make posters or charts would be very useful. Tangible items for counting or rewards, stickers, candy, etc.
I have a longer blog post describing my new site, but it was lost in transit from Kisumu to Machakos, so once I purchase a new USB I will have more detailed posts.
I miss you all, but love it here. I wish I could be there to feel the cold weather and the Christmas/Thanksgiving excitement. It’s my favorite time of year, and I’m so disconnected from it – I was shocked to get online today and see that ebay was already decorated for Christmas.
Congrats to Laura & Florian, I wish I could be there to celebrate with you!

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