And then I found a dollar.

I really didn’t find a dollar, but it seems like every time things seem pointless and nothing is really going great, something great happens. So, I’m still looking for the dollar, but things here are OK, just OK.

The term is coming to an end, and tomorrow some of the kids will go home. The majority will be staying for one more week, to compete in provincial sports amongst all deaf schools in Nyanza. Nina is hosting, so there should be about 500-700 people staying at my compound next week. I’m pretty excited. Amongst the guests will be 4 or 5 PCV’s from other deaf schools in the province. It should be a pretty great time, and just being amongst others who understand will be nice. Just to talk normal and joke about things.

Last weekend, Claire made her debut at Nina! It was so needed. My first visitor, and she totally understood my frustrations and obstacles, but at the same time, it was a fantastic opportunity to be reminded of the nice things about my placement. It gave me the chance to really stress the good qualities about Nina and Siaya and my school. Sometimes it’s much easier to notice the negative things than the positive ones, and having a visitor put things in perspective for me. Plus, it was just awesome having company and someone to chill out with. That weekend stands as my current high point in Kenya. She will be coming back soon, can’t wait!

Today, the mattresses funded by everyone back home arrived at the school! We were able to purchase 50 new mattresses for the dormitory! Mr. Ambalo and I made a trip to Kisumu about a week ago to negotiate the deal, and today they were delivered and are now in our dormitory. A huge thank you to everyone at home who contributed, everyone here is so grateful for your help! I have pictures I will post soon, hopefully in 2 weeks. After sports, I will be going to Nairobi to spend a week with all the other PCV’s in my group for IST (in service training). It should be a good time, I’m a little nervous about feeling inadequate after hearing about everyone else’s experiences, but I”m still really looking forward to getting together with my friends. After IST, I will be going to stay with Claire for a while and help her settle into her second new house. School will start up again in May.

I’m just writing this post on a whim and now realize how much I would really like to tell all of you. So many things happen here that I wish I could share with everyone at home, I will have to come better prepared next time.

2 thoughts on “And then I found a dollar.

  1. I love reading your posts, it always make me be more thankful for the things that I have and realize that nothing is ever that bad off.

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