Nina News

So, what’s new at Nina?

Well, for starters, we are getting more new classrooms soon. Yay! I am pumped about that. The government has approved our request for funding to build two new classrooms adjacent to our current classrooms near the entrance of our compound. Construction should being next month.

We had an unfortunate incident where some adults working within the compound were having inappropriate relationships with a student. It was awkward and stressful, and the culture here is so different from my American background… I’m still not entirely certain of the details regarding the interactions, but I do know that they were a big big no-no… soooooo…… it’s really much more complicated than I care to publicly explain, but that wasn’t very much fun for us. Not one bit.

Term 2 is coming to a close! I have been in Kenya for over 9 months now, and our second term of school is nearly finished. Final exams begin on the 30 of July and school will close on August 3. It will open back up the first week of September, I think, and then our third and final term is very short – like 10 weeks, maybe. School will close again around Thanksgiving time. Which leads me to Christmas break, where I will be traveling back home to America to see the family and greet new baby boy Settle!

But, that’s jumping ahead quite a bit. Back to now…. Hmm…. Al Shabaab is still stirring the pot over towards Somalia. I don’t know the details (I basically live under a rock, out where they have to pump the sunshine in), but recently there was a threat made to Mombasa (a major city along the coast of Kenya) and all Americans were evacuated, including a few PCV’s. The US Government even issued some statement saying Americans weren’t allowed in Mombasa until I think July 1st, which has passed, and I don’t know what the status is currently. The PCV’s actually had site changes and are now teaching in different schools, and no PCV’s are allowed to visit Mombasa at all. It’s kind of scary.

Other news…. Elections are coming up in March I think… and the last election, in 2007, was extremely violent. I know that Kenya is trying to take a lot of precautionary measures to prevent the same outbreak, but I don’t really know what that means, it’s just what people tell me. But if you are interested, google “Kenya post election violence.”

Despite all that scary stuff, there is no where safer in the world than my village. Truly. In West Virginia, it would be the boonies. I’m basically living the hillbilly life I lived in WV over here in Kenya now, just without electricity or a toilet. I’m safe and sound, and haven’t really felt threatened or unsafe at all since arriving here, despite Kenya’s current unstable condition.

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, I will try to do better! It’s good to hear from everyone back home, even though you think there’s not much new or anything to report, it’s just good to hear from you. Hope that everyone back home in WV is getting back on track after those horrific storms.

4 thoughts on “Nina News

  1. Glad you’re OK! We found out about your visit at Bill and Lindsay’s wedding. Can’t wait to see you!

  2. wow i didnt know you would get to come home! that is exciting i hope you have a great visit and get to see all of your family! I miss you, and im glad to hear that you are still doing so well. i am still so proud of you<3

  3. Yay!!! Congratulations on your grant! That’s so exciting! A big accomplishment if you ask me. A big ‘Kelsey’ change in Kenya anyways.

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