Well, I’m sitting here in Nairobi with my friend Jenny, sipping coffee and typing on my own laptop using wifi, thinking “I could stay here forever.” Funny how these days come and go, though, and how much I love living here but simultaneously count the days til I return to “normal” at home with my family. I know that this is what the Peace Corps experience is all about, but good lord it’s complicated!

I’m spending the week in Nairobi with medical, having a few check-ups and getting feet back on the ground after a very, very eventful month. And the strange thing is, my month probably wasn’t even that eventful by american standards, but when you compare it to a typical month in my life in Siaya, it’s been insanely chaotic.

I have been better about writing on my blog lately, so I will just kind of do a quick recap of the last month:
1. term 2 wrapped up, exams, kids went home.
2. Bruce, Terri and Bobby came to visit my school, Kisumu and Kakamega Forest
3. Recovery from saying goodbye to my family at Claire’s house
4. Camp GLOW
5. Nairobi – Medical

So, yeah it seems like a lot more than what it TRULY was, but things have been busy and hectic, but all in all, this has been the best month of my entire stay here in Kenya 🙂

There has been a lot of speculation lately about if PC-Kenya will be terminated when elections come around. I’ve mentioned it a few times here and there throughout my blogs, but lately it has been the topic of conversation amongst PCV’s. To be honest, I don’t think that it is going to happen. I know that the last election was horrific, but I think it’s kind of unlikely that the same outbreak will happen again. Plus, they are still bringing in new groups with the Peace Corps, and I’m pretty sure that if they really thought we were going to be terminated they wouldn’t be wasting money to bring in more volunteers. I could be wrong, idk. But it is pretty stressful trying to prepare yourself for either extreme. On the one hand, I feel like I would be ready to come home in March, if that happens to be the case. I have planned a very busy third term, which ends in December, and feel confident that after that term ends, I would feel like I had a successful service and left my mark on my school. However, it is still hard to prepare for that once you have mentally prepped yourself for two years here, and there are still so many things I would like to do or would like to see happen…. so it’s almost like once you have the mindset “ok, I might be going home in March,” I think it would be slightly disappointing or difficult to accept that after March, I will be here for 9 more months. Hard to hash out, but I guess this whole thing is unpredictable, so there’s really no point in trying to prepare for something out of my control.


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