I survived KeElections2013

Let me begin by thanking everyone back home who contributed to my cow project for Nina School for the Deaf. We have officially started the process of acquiring the cows and constructing the living quarters on the far end of our compound to generate income, which will assist the families of the students paying school fees. We are building a structure, which will eventually house 5 dairy cows, but for the time being we plan to only purchase 2 cows. We expect to have this project complete (with two dairy cows) by the end of March. Thank you all so much for thinking of Nina.

Now, onto more serious news, Kenyan elections came and went without much ado – Uhuru Kenyatta has been elected as the 4th president of Kenya, to the dismay of pretty much everyone on the planet other than 50.7% of voting Kenyans. He and his running mate, William Ruto, will be making appearances in ICC (International Criminal Court) in July and May, respectively, facing charges of crimes against humanity. They are being accused of inciting violence during the last elections in 2007.

On a positive note though, despite the questionable judgement of voting Kenyans, elections went peacefully, without any violence or unrest. Some disruptions took place on the coast, and to my understanding, it is still “insecure,” but I think that the situation there is not exactly related to political affairs. Hopefully things will calm since tension should be declining with conclusion of elections. Peace Corps is planning to return all PCVs to their sites on Tuesday, assuming nothing unexpected happens on Monday.

While we waited for elections to come and go, Peace Corps treated us to 10 days of luxury at Lukenya Getaway, between Machakos and Nairobi. All 110 PCVs in Kenya congregated here with the zebras and wildebeest, lounging by the pool with breaks to watch the news on our personal TV sets in our rooms or eat endless amounts of delicious food from the buffet. Not a bad break from the village life.

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