Napkin Notes

Today I Like: writing on napkins, navigating Nairobi via public transportation/matatu, greeting people in Swahili, asking for (& receiving) excellent directions, walking with purpose, being offered a ride by a friendly British-Indian, diverting from said excellent directions (intentionally, without getting lost) & stumbling across Barclays ATM (the only one that takes MasterCard) & a supermarket, spotting potential dinner options (Chinese, Ethiopian & Japanese) near our new Peace Corps accommodation – Methodist Guesthhouse, finding the matatu stage & asking for/receiving friendly help to Westgate, sipping tea& playing with my Kindle in an uncrowded Java House, my yellow sweater, new yellow beaded necklace from Westgate, watching a movie in the theater at Westgate by myself, finding my own way home & submitting a grant for my school. Image

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