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We’ve got MILK!

Finally, one of our cows has given birth to a beautiful baby girl named Kelsey! I was able to help with the delivery and see her first steps – and even give the udder the first squeeze 🙂 Here are a few pics from her first few days.

Newborn baby Kelsey!

Day 1

Milking on the second day

WIth Christopher, the cow worker


Tea Fields in Kericho, Kenya

DSCN7282Kericho is a beautiful town (county, really, but also the name of the biggest town within the county) in the HIghlands of the Rift Valley. It is known for it’s beautiful, expansive tea fields that stretch as far as the eye can see. The tea fields surround the town of Kericho and are easy to access from the bustling city center using a taxi or motorbike. Most importantly, public toilets are EVERYWHERE! They’re easy to find and generally cleaner than those I have found in other cities throughout Kenya. Speaking of cleanliness, the streets were clean and easy to navigate, most of which having sidewalks for pedestrians to escape the unruly motorbikes. The people in Kericho are incredibly friendly, helpful, and quite accustomed to tourists. We visited the city market, which was pretty impressive! We weren’t even overcharged while bargaining – I walked away with new jeans and Vans sneakers, head scarves and leggings. Overall, a great place to spend a day or two if you’re coming to Kenya!

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